Saturday, February 04, 2017

Living in the moment

It was a day like any other day filled with learning & laughter & anguish & questions & answers & no answers & ...

The day was unusually warm and humid which added to the tribulations going on in my mind with the thoughts in my mind. While all that was going on, the sky had its share of clouds floating around for the sun to play hide and seek with it. It seemed to be keeping pace with my mind.

As I walked down the quite road back to my resort, I aimlessly decided to head towards the sea and witness the beautiful sun go down the sea while playing with the clouds.  I walked up to the beach aimlessly and sat down at a spot with a 'thud'... I let my legs spread in front of me with my back arched forward and hands playing on the soft sand of Cherai. I let my mind wander on the day with eyes looking at the sun settling its business for the day with the sea.. I stared at the sun and then at the sea as the sun rays shimmered over it.

The glare was strong for me to move my focus from the water bed to that of the little boy playing with the waves in front of me. He would jump at the waves coming towards him and then chase it back into the sea as the waves receded... Run back again as the new waves would touch his feet. He was doing that with laughter and freedom, not being bothered about anything but the waves, which seemed to keep pace with the boy's laughter and run up & down the beach...

After the boy left the beach, I was all alone in my world looking at the last few rays that were split across the sky by the clouds. The sun was not in its full form but its beauty was printed on the sky like the little boy playing with his new friend and learning the art of being in the moment...

As I got up to leave the beautiful Cherai beach with the sun having gone down leaving space for the moon to spread its wings of calmness on the vast sea, the Ocean said to me..

इस लम्हे में रहो और ऐश करो', 
खुद से सवाल मत कर.. 
ज़िन्दगी इन्ही लम्हो से बनती है ,
इसी में खुशियां है, जो तुझी में है 

(Enjoy the moment that you are in, Stop questioning yourself. Life is made of these moments.. Live in its happiness for you have it in YOU!!)

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Samadhi or Out??

Samadhi or Out??

I was zoned out for few seconds not sure how and what to react to that statement before I moved on. It got me wondering was that a statement or a word.. It was such a powerful one that it shook me and let me spin in multiple dimensions, more so what choices life can show us and how simple they are...

Well this happened to be the 1st of January of this wonderful year and I was at the Pondicherry Mother's ashram for the new year meditation. I have so far managed to be there for the last three years. Though the meditation starts at 6 am, we typically arrive there by 5.20 am to get a seat near "Mother's Samadhi". This year was no different and managed to sit near that beautiful samadhi space. There is always a tranquil atmosphere and you could transcend yourself to a different realm (I must also say that it is a matter of choice on that count 😌).

After having finished the meditation, people were regulated to pay their obeisance. After finishing the rituals we were about to leave when the confusion of crowd management came in. One of the volunteers asked us to move towards the main gate for the exit. As we came close to the main gate another volunteer rushed in and said, "Please move towards the back gate and not this, there is too much of crowd outside". This all was in their humble politeness. We turned again and started to move back. While doing so, we had to cross the Samadhi area again where another humble volunteer turned and asked me.. "Samadhi or Out"...

What struck me the most was as if someone were asking me...

"Do I have a purpose or am I going through a routine"

How do I look at my ultimate goal in life? 

Am I in charge or what I am doing or is it the routine in charge of me??

How have I been making my choices and am I enjoying those choices??

For me, the Samadhi has been a source of powerful energy. A belief that I carry along and for me this place symbolises Purpose in life!!

At that juncture this statement of mere two words started off a trigger ... I do not have the answers now but hopefully I will.

"Are we part of a crowd or do we have a sense of direction for ourselves??" 

Sunday, September 25, 2016


It was a late in the evening around 11 pm when my train pulled up to the Chennai Central station. While reaching, I had checked on the Ola & Uber cabs so that I could grab one to rush back home. The train was late today. Well not to keep anybody waiting I had not booked the cab as the train pulled up. I waited to get out of the station.

As I pulled my cell phone and went to Uber app, I could hardly see any cabs. It was as if some one just gobbled them up. Cursed my sensibility and quickly scrambled for Ola. Managed to get one. I was at one end and this guy was at the other. Not wanting to loose anymore time, I rushed to him rather than making him come. Well after some huffing and puffing, I reached my cabbie. I waved at him and told my name as I opened the back seat door. 

Cabbie (C) - Good evening Sir!!
I was impressed.. wow, not bad late in the evening and he still wishing me. Cool!! I wished him back, threw my bags in the back seat and was about to sit. He said,

C - Sir, come to the front seat. AC is good and you would like it.

Really, Ok!! I closed the back door of the Indica and hopped into the front seat comfortable. As I got comfortable while he cranked the engine. Our conversation started...

Me: Do you need the CRN no.. It is...
C: Sir, no need.
Me: Really.. not needed. Then your tracking..
C: No problem sir
Me: Ok (Shrugged my shoulders... and got busy on my cell..)
C: Sir, did you also book on Uber
Me: No.. (Still having my head sunk into the phone)
C: You have the app, just book it. I will pick it up and close it.
Me: Why will I do that. I just did it on Ola
C: Sir, book it for me
Me: What!! (I was now looking at him) No.. I do not have the Uber app. (Flat lie I stated)
C: You do not have it.. Sir, go to Google play store and download it.
Me: No thank you, just ride please.

I got into my phone, trying not to have any more conversation. Five minutes, just about to leave the station clutter, our man starts again

C: Sir, Did you book on Mini or micro..
Me: Not sure. Do not remember (I was getting intrigued and irritated now)

I remembered, that I did not put in my destination details though I had told him where to go. So I entered it and his GPS beeped.

C: Sir, why did you do that.
Me: What did I do?? 
C: Sir, location details!!
Me: Hello, you need to know where to drop me.. what else. Also, this is my default habit. Now please drive.

Another few minutes later.

C: Sir, You will save money if you do this.
Now what, I had a quizzical look. This is really getting on my nerves and that too at half past eleven in the night... He continued...

C: You take a note of the kilometres and I will switch off this trip. You pay me per kilometre. 

Saying so he moved his hand to the cell to switch off the trip, without waiting for a response. I raised my voice and said; "NO... Nothing doing, I am absolutely fine to pay the money needed. DO NOT SWITCH off the trip".

I quickly shared my trip details to my wife, just in case needed.

And that was the last conversation that we had for the next forty five minutes. Though he kept rambling on his incentive and the money he could make.

Now our saint cabbie, comes to the tool road and pleads to the guy manning it. He says, "Bro, had a rough day.. why don't you manage it" and extended a Rs10/-. The guy takes the money and opened up the lever. 

My saint says as we cross the lever... "Sir, see there is nothing called ethics, bribe here too"

I was speechless!!!

Hello, what the hell were to trying with me. The only thing was I did not budge and here you are calling him unethical. Wow, you are a dignified human being on the road of redemption and higher being.

Thanks to Technology and people using it to make greater inroads in life!!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Journey of Faith!!

Into the dark alleys,
In search of the light.

Cold chill gripping my feet,
hoping for some warm water to thaw.

Splattered around is filth left by many,
raising stink to be scooped up into the bin.

A growl from the sleeping dog in the dark,
warning not be to steered from its slumber.

The mind wanders endlessly,
Into my deep dark fears of endless agony.

I keep walking deep into those dark corners,
with a hope of finding my stars through my fears.

The others said, it was a death wish!!
To me, it became a journey of faith.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Perils of Photographer!!! :)

A beautiful weather early in the morning is a wonderful ask for a hopeful photography..

Today morning I woke up to find pleasant sky, with the sun playing hide and seek. There was a touch of chillness in the air, all to inspire me to pick up my camera bag and head down in the apartment compound. As I walked out, I found this beautiful red flower in a small puddle water that got created because of the rains last night.

Standing tall, I stopped to examine my subject with my camera still packed in the bag slung behind. I was like the doctor to a patient...

     Hmmm, red flower.. lovely and that too in the water, 
     The reflection on the water.. Amazing...I saw some lovely rain drops on the petals 
     Sun behind me and the clouds... so not too harsh light...
     Angle to shoot could be lower... hmmm

I was in deep contemplation when someone from behind said, "Sid, just shoot it or else it may feel shy and run away"... I looked around to see one of my neighbours peeping from his balcony..

I just smiled ... "Bugger, this is not a military drill and she ain't my girl friend... It is a creative delight... Grrr".. well I wanted to say all that but I just smiled and waved...

My focus went back to my subject and the analysis. Now it was time to move on with the action... Kept the camera bag on the pathway carefully away from the water puddle and pulled out my camera.. Did the settings and got onto my angles...

Top view.. nah.... Will miss the reflection.. bend 45 degree, without a tripod I can't trust my body to be stable.. From right, from left, from front, from back... It felt like being in a temple and going around the lord for a complete view... After all the pradakshina done.. decided to prostrate and shoot.. The lord Red Flower could be happy with me that way and give me what I was seeking for... :)

Finally after all the adjustments, I got into shooting...

At the end, while downloading out the pics realised what all one needs to do trying to get the image closer to the imagination one had built up..


The video shot while doing the act..

Sunday, July 10, 2016


You are the star glowing in the night,
To guide the caravan in the desert.
You are the stick for the blind,
To guide me away from potholes and vehicles
You are the warmth in my life,
To keep me glowing in my downturns.
You are the happiness in my dreams,
To help them being a reality.
You are the one, I choose to be
To keep me going in the Flow!!!

You & I are the one, in the flow...